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Camera Repair Services

Camera & Camcorder Fix Repair Solutions and/or Maintenance Cleaning for All Sorts/Types of Cameras

Dr. Digital can repair and/or clean all types of cameras, from video and digital cameras/camcorder, to all sorts of outdoor cameras.

If the optical or digitial lens is stuck, we can fix it!  If the lens is dirty or dusty, we can clean it!  If the camera's electronic circuitry is malfunctioning, we can diagnose it!  If the camera frame/cover housing is damaged, we can replace it!  If the LCD screen is cracked or not functioning, we can repair it!   If the SD slot is worn out and won't lock in, we can modify it!   Also includes battery/battery holder repair & cleaning due to corrosion, water damage/moisture or wear and tear!

  • Digital SLR Camera Repair
  • DSLR Camera Repair/Cleaning
  • Digital Camera Repair/Cleaning
  • Lens / Lenses Repair and Cleaning
  • Mirrorless Camera Repair/Cleaning
  • Point-and-shoot Camera Repair/Cleaning
  • Action Camera / GoPro Repair/Cleaning
  • Video Camera Repair/Cleaning
  • Camcorder Repair/Cleaning
  • Webcam Repair/Cleaning
  • Wi-fi Camera Repair/Cleaning
  • Infrared (IR) Camera Repair/Cleaning
  • Motion-detection Camera(s) Repair/Cleaning
  • Car/Truck Dash Cam Repair/Cleaning
  • Baby Camera Repair + Monitor
  • Pet Camera Repair
  • Animal Sensor Camera(s)
  • Trail Camera(s) Repair
  • Wildlife Hunting Camera(s)
  • Outdoor Time-lapse Camera
  • Game / Hunting Camera Repair
  • Surveillance Camera Repair
  • Security Camera Repair
  • Security Surveillance Cam(s)
  • Scouting Camera Repair
  • Long Range Camera Repair
  • Night Vision Camera repair

Service Area & Info

The Doctor is in, and is servicing the greater Morganton area, including surrounding towns and cities within the 20 miles radius¹:

  • Glen Alpine
  • Lake James
  • Salem
  • Oak Hill
  • Drexel
  • Valdese
  • Connelly
  • Icard
  • Hildebran
  • Hickory
  • Marion
  • Gamewell
  • Lenoir
  • + Map 〉〉

¹Service Area/Location Info:

  • If you reside in our Service Area, we can arrange a house-call or a pick-up at your location (see details below).
  • If you reside at a location outside of our Service Area and you would like to use our services, you may either bring your devices & electronics to our shop, or ship the devices to our location at your own expense.

Service Notes/Details

  • House-Calls & Pick-Ups at your location of choice must be within our servicing area (20 miles radius around Morganton, NC).
  • House-Calls during the week (Monday to Friday) are available after 6pm and before 7:30pm.
  • House-calls & items for pick-up inside the Morganton city-limits are FREE!
  • Please note that there is a $25 fee for house-calls & pick-ups outside of the Morganton city-limits.
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