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Testimonials and Feedbacl

Dr. Digital is committed to providing high quality repair services at affordable and fair prices for all devices, electronics, gadgets, and solutions〉〉

Here is what customers and clients are saying about Dr. Digital's testimonials & feedback (right now, it doesn't include all the Google Reviews 🔗 / Facebook Ratings 🔗 / Yelp Reviews 🔗 --- We have more than 170 reviews and will add them here soon!):

Testimonials & Feedback

Dr Digital save my ps5 from being a brick on my tv stand I have nothing but respect for him.He dose’s amazing work and treats costumer’s right I will always bring my electronics to him if you go anywhere else you’re a fool can’t beat the price either thanks so much Dr digital your a blessing

PS5 Disc Drive repair

Rating: Awesome 5/5 (Facebook Review)

Justin G. from Lenoir, NC
- on - 10/26/22

Feedback matters and is the building block to enriching our services for the better.

Dr. Digital from Morganton

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The repair was pretty quick. Dr. Digital and the other gentleman I met were friendly and explained in detail the repair and some things to try and not to do to prolong the life of my PS5. Overall excellent service!

PS5 HDMI port repair

Rating: Awesome 5/5 (Google Review)

Joe T. from Lenoir, NC
- on - 10/15/22

Broke my MacBook Air screen and Dr Digital was able to fix it with no problem. Hopefully I won’t have to but would def come back. Highly recommend!

MacBook Air screen repair

Rating: Awesome 5/5 (Google Review)

Syhlu Y. from Morganton, NC
- on - 10/14/22

It was worth paying for fixing my mini mavic drone broken arm module!

DJI Mavic Mini SE front arm repair

Rating: Awesome 5/5

Geidy H. from Gastonia, NC
- on - 10/3/22

Dr.Digital was very professional and efficient in repairing a phone and a laptop for me. I would recommend them and will use them again.

iPhone 7 battery, Dell laptop repair

Rating: Awesome 5/5 (on Google)

Lynn D. from Morganton, NC
- on - 9/24/22

Dr. Digital was absolutely amazing from first contact to pick up. My husbands Iphone just died poof, I was able to drop it off that night and was absolutely pristine, it's working just as new!!! We can't thank you enough, REALLY, the best service Ever!!

iPhone 12 repair

Rating: Awesome 5/5

Marcia M. from Oak Hill, NC
- on - 9/15/22

I crashed my mavic mini 2 drone 1 week before a vacation to Utah. He took me right in and fixed the broken arm in a couple of days. Did a great job for a great price. Would definitely recommend.

DJi Drone repair

Rating: Awesome 5/5 (on Google)

Brian W. from Virginia
- on - 9/10/22

Thanks to Dr. Digital my computer problems are fixed easily. He is patient and thorough with my issues and gets them resolved quickly. Also, very convenient to downtown Morganton.

Laptop repair

Rating: Awesome 5/5 (on Google, Facebook)

Mary E. from Morganton, NC
- on - 9/3/22

Dr digital has fixed 2 devices for me now. He's fair priced and can fix just about any of the tech needs. This time he fixed the ps4 which needed a new hdmi port and the hard drive had issues as well. Thank Dr digital for bringing our technology back to life

iPhone XR screen repair

Rating: Awesome 5/5 (on Google)

Catherine D. from Morganton, NC
- on - 8/29/22

Super nice, fixed my phone and added a screen protector! Awesome experience!

iPhone 12 Pro Max screen repair

Rating: Awesome 5/5 (on Facebook)

Nichole M. from Morganton, NC
- on - 8/24/22

Dr Digital is absolutely wonderful!!! He fixed my iPhone 8+ cracked screen and some inside work since my phone had also went swimming. I dropped it off and picked up next day. It looked brand new!!! Then we took my fiancés IPhone 8+ too the next weekend and did a great job as well. He even checked on me and gave me healthy advice to get better when I was really really sick the past week and half. DEFINITELY RECOMMEND FOR ELECTRONICS! Ohhh and he also put a new plug input in my lil fan I love so much.

iPhone 8+ screen (x2) and liquid spill repair; small fan fix

Rating: Awesome 5/5 (on Facebook Comments)

Diane B. from Lenoir, NC - on - 8/15/22

Don’t be fooled just because Dr.Digital isn’t in a store front space. He’s the best! I called and he answered right away.(unlike others who have a store front but didn’t answer right away) Dropped off my daughters phone to be fixed and it was done in less than an hour. He matched the other stores price and was kind, professional and worked in a timely fashion.

iPhone XR screen repair

Rating: Awesome 5/5 (on Google, FB, Yelp)

Jessica C. from Morganton, NC
- on - 8/11/22

I have a canon power shot sx50is camera. It came up with a lens error when I turned it on. It is very hard to find someone you trust that is honest about a repair. Dr. Digital fix all devices fixed my camera in 2 days and I was pleasantly surprised at the price. I highly recommend him.

Canon camera repair

Rating: Awesome 5/5 (on Google and Yelp)

Linda N. M. from Morganton, NC
- on - 8/11/22

It's been 5 years since I had my Sony TV replaced. I took it to Dr Digital and I dropped it off and said if it's gonna end up costing me an arm and a leg just keep it for parts. I got a call back in a couple days fixed and for a extremely reasonable price!!! The TV is going strong on my back porch year round!!! Great dude!

Sony 50" TV & Vizio 65" repair

Rating: Awesome 5/5 (on Google and Facebook)

Ben A. from Morganton, NC
- on - 8/2/22

Pleasant, I would choose Dr. Digital again. He fixed our phone in less time than expected and it works perfectly after the screen broke so bad no light came on.

Motorola G Play 2021 phone repair

Rating: Awesome 5/5 (on Google)

Charlotte R. from Morganton, NC
- on - 7/28/22

Great service. Very knowledgeable!!! Reasonable prices. Much better than buying a new expensive phone!!!

iPhone 8 screen & battery

Rating: Awesome 5/5 (on Google)

Lee Lee P. from Drexel, NC
- on - 7/21/22

They fix my smart TV and did a great job. They are very nice people. I would recommend them to anyone and they did it all at a reasonable price

Hisense Smart TV 75-inch backlights repair

Rating: Awesome 5/5 (also on FB & Google)

Steven M. from Lenoir, NC
- on - 7/9/22

Great folks! They have repaired my MacBook twice for me and I had it back in less than two days. Recently took my daughter's PS5 in for repair and they fixed it in a timely manner and it's back to new condition. Only place I know of that will work on Apple stuff in this area and they do great work! Highly recommended!

PS5 HDMI and MacBook repair

Rating: Awesome 5/5 (on Google)

Michael T. from Morganton, NC
- on - 6/27/22

I took a iPhone and iPad to get the screens replaced. They fixed both in a very timely manner and reasonably priced. I would recommend them to anybody

iPhone 8 Plus & iPad 5 screens repair

Rating: Awesome 5/5

Steve C. from Marion, NC
- on - 12/4/21

Dr.Digital is awesome, fixed our 65 inch TV, explained everything he had to do to fix it the service was great and very affordable, Thank you Dr.Digital

Samsung 65" Curved Smart TV

Rating: Awesome 5/5

Rita D. from Morganton, NC
- on - 11/15/21

My experience was awesome - he fixed problem immediately.

iPhone 6S battery replacement

Rating: Awesome 5/5

Teresa O. from Marion, NC
- on - 10/24/21

Dr. Digital was prompt and diligent with his repairs. I had an iPhone 8 Plus with a cracked screen and back body repaired, along with an iPad 5 with a cracked screen.

iPhone 8+ screen/back glass repair, iPad 5 screen

Rating: Awesome 5/5

Phil T. H. from Morganton, NC
- on - 9/27/21

Dr. D has fixed my Teac X-1000R open reel tape player after an intermittent problem that he narrowed down to the DCX board. I still am amazed at how he can fix things with virtually no parts available. We are so lucky to have him in our area. I have gotten to know both Dr. Digital and his manager, they both are fine, honest people. Thanks again for working on it!

Teac X-1000R Reel-to-Reel Player

Rating: Awesome 5/5

David from Lenoir, NC
- on - 7/19/21

Great experience with cell phone repair. Very knowledgeable repair man and very informative to me for best cell phone usage.

iPhone SE Battery

Rating: Awesome 5/5

Becky A. C. from Morganton, NC
- on - 7/16/21

I brought my older professional Canon 40-D to Dr. Digital. They were knowledgeable about the older technology as well as the latest technology. I left with my camera in working order! I had a a great experience and would highly recommend Dr. Digital Services.

Canon 40-D Lens repair

Rating: Awesome 5/5 (on Facebook Comments)

Lizette L. from Morganton, NC
- on - 6/22/21

Our experience seem to be very good. Dr. Digital was very professional and did a great job. We recommend their work to anybody that needs cell phone repair! Price was fair and work was speedily done!

iPhone XR repair

Rating: Awesome 5/5

Steve L. from Rutherfordton, NC
- on - 3/13/21

Dr. Digital repaired my son's iPhone 8. It was run over by a car and both front and back. It was very badly broken up. We both weren't sure if it could be fixed but Dr. Digital fixed it quickly. I would highly recommend them.

iPhone 8 screen & back glass repair

Rating: Awesome 5/5

Bill B. from Morganton, NC
- on - 1/15/21

Dr. Digital has replaced the screen on my iPhone 7 twice when I've dropped it and broken it. Fast, efficient, a fraction of the expense of a newer phone. I recommend this locally owned and operated business without reservation.

iPhone 7 screen repair

Rating: Awesome 5/5

Roxanne S. from Morganton, NC
- on - 10/14/20

I was pleased with the service that I received. When I drop my camera off and explained the problems that I was having they explained to me what it might be. They called me two or three day later abd it was fixed.When I picked it up they explained what they had done and gave me a refresher course in the proper settings.

Nikon camera

Rating: Awesome 5/5

Sue A. J. from Morganton, NC
- on - 6/22/20

Had 2 iPads that would not reboot took it to them and they we’re fixed very quickly and at a very good price! I recommend that you use them.

iPad 5 and 10.2" iPad 7 (2019)

Rating: Awesome 5/5

Camisha L. O. from Lenoir, NC
- on - 6/11/20

I highly recommend this digital guru!! He fixed my son's iPad after it was crushed under a recliner!! It's like brand new! Very fast too! Only without it for 6 days and that's having to order the parts too!! Very affordable and worth every dollar to restore my boy's prize possession!

iPad 6 screen repair

Rating: Awesome 5/5

Heather S. P. from Morganton, NC
- on - 7/20/19

I highly recommend them for any kind of repairs. Excellent and outstanding service. Very friendly and professional. I'm happy to have met them and I would be going back for any other repairs I may need in the future.

iPhone X screen repair

Rating: Awesome 5/5

Brooklyn A. from Morganton, NC
- on - 3/17/19

My phone got ran over and the screen was completely broken with cracks and glass falling out. Dr. Digital replaced my screen in literally an HOUR! Couldn't have asked for better service quality like his, fast fixes and relatively cheap! Highly recommend this place!!!

iPhone 7 Plus screen repair

Rating: Awesome 5/5

Raylin S. from Morganton, NC

We cannot praise Dr. Digital enough. We had a sound system installed haphazardly 20 years ago by a local business & experiencied nothing but problems over the years. Dr. Digital hooked up our new TV to all the components, even a turntable, & finally, things work as they should. He is a genius.

Home Theater System Setup and Installation

Rating: Awesome 5/5

Gene G. from Morganton, NC

[Dr. Digital] repaired my Nikon camera in less than a week and the bill was very low. I was very pleased with how I was treated and to have my camera back so soon.

Nikon DSLR Professional Camera

Rating: Awesome 5/5

Sally B. from Banner Elk, NC

The Doctor could have charged me for a new screen for my I 6S but found a lower cost alternative and charged me less. Who does that? Very honest and fast turn-a-round. I am totally pleased!

iPhone 6S

Rating: Awesome 5/5

Lewis W. from Nebo, NC

I thought I needed a new charging port [for my Samsung Galaxy S5] but Dr. Digital was able to clean it out and get it working. Also put a new cover on the charging port, great service and fair prices. I definitely recommend.

Samsung Galaxy S5 - Charging Port

Rating: Awesome 5/5

Janice from Nebo, NC

I am extremely pleased with the wonderful service provided by Dr. Digital and at a very affordable price! Because of the quick turn around on the repair and courteous service I paid more than the bill - do people even tip repair men?!? Well, I was so pleased that I did! I highly recommend! In fact I already have!

iPhone 6 Plus - Charging Port

Rating: Awesome 5/5

Greg K. from Morganton, NC

Professional, expedient, & quality service. Dr. Digital completed an iphone 6 screen repair in under 2 hours. He saved us a business day lost without a working phone, as well as a trip to Asheville. It is so nice to have a local source of quality digital repair. Will definitely return if needed in the future! 5 Stars!

iPhone 6

Rating: Awesome 5/5

Jonathon K. from Morganton, NC

The Dr saved me from phone death. He is a real phone surgeon. Thank you doctor :)

iPhone SE and iPhone 8+

Rating: Awesome 5/5

Fred R. from Morganton, NC

Excellent service in every way, Great communication and very modest price for the service. Could not have been more satisfied. Highly recommend Dr. Digital.

iPhone 5

Gary from Morganton, NC

How refreshing it is in this day and time to find an honest and trustworthy repairman that can fix electronic gear at a fair price. Dr. Digital fixed my pre-amp in a couple of days. Not only did he fix it but he even carried the unit to my car. I give Dr. Digital 5/5 stars. *****!


Ben West from Hickory, NC

Fantastic! So nice to have someone so helpful and honest to get my big flat screen up and running. He did exactly what he said he would do, in a timely manner, and at a very fair price. If I need digital services, I will absolutely call Dr. Digital.

Samsung 50" Plasma HDTV

Ernest M. from Morganton

Great service! Quick and great work! Will be using again if I need [Dr. Digital]!!

Samsung Galaxy 4

Frances E. H. from Morganton