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About Us

About Dr. Digital & Fix All Digital

Dr. Digital's Past, Present & Future:
Our initial creation, the current endeavors, and our future hopes & dreams!

In late 2009/early 2010, Dr. Digital and Fix All Digital started with the idea to provide our friends (and eventually potential customers) with the highest quality professional in-house electronics repair services at the best prices in the greater Morganton, NC area (and beyond). After 10 years of continuous improvements & repair experience, when it comes to electronics and devices repairs or solutions - the Doctor knows best!

The 'collective' Doctor has over 42 years of electronics design and repair experience - including hardware, software, machinery & consumer devices. With thousands of devices repaired over the years, we have the experience to suit all of your electronics´ needs!


We do professional, highly specialized repair solutions and high tech services at low or very competitive prices! And while most repair shops fix only certain electronics and/or devices, we at Dr. Digital's shop can fix, revive, repair, service & refurbish virtually any consumer electronics, devices, gadgets and/or various accessories! - After all, we fix all digital℠! - For a comprehensive list, check out the Devices Index 〉〉⟩

We are not an ordinary repair shop, so before we go for a replacement part, we try to fix what is already at hand by soldering, molding, modifying and/or reflow on the circuit level. It's faster & cheaper for you, and a great personal challenge and experience for us!

Dr. Digital has the professional tools, the gear, the equipment as well as the expertise and the precision for soldering components on the circuitry level/logic board!

We provide a wide range of high quality professional services at low prices. And even if our prices are not always the lowest, we guarantee that our services are the best in the business and area.

No matter what the problem might be, we will at least take a quick look, so don't think it's over just because someone else tells you it's not repairable ***.