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Desktop and Computer Repair Service, including Upgrades and Cleaning

Desktop and MacBook/Laptop Computer Repair Services & Solutions / Upgrades / Installation / Malware Cleaning & Custom Computer Builts

We have been working with computers for over two decades, so when it comes to repairing, upgrading and building computers, the Doctor knows best. Whether your computer is infected with viruses, fails to power-up, shuts off unintentionally, need a new screen, or you just need some upgrades - we have the knowledge and expertise to help you get things done!

We provide a wide variety of computer/hardware services including, but not limited to:

  • Computer Repair Services
  • PC Repair Services
  • Entertainment PC Repair Services
  • Desktop Repair Services
  • Tower Repair Services
  • Work Station Repair Services
  • Laptop Repair Services
  • Gaming PC Repair Services
  • Chromebook Repair Services
  • Apple MacBook Air/Pro Repair Services
  • Apple iMac/Mac Repair Services
  • Linux Computer Repair Services
  • Notebook Repair Services
  • Ultrabook Repair Services
  • Netbook Repair Services
  • Tablet Repair Services
  • Laptop brands that we repair, including but is not limited to: Hewlett Packard (HP) Laptops/Desktop, Lenovo Laptops/Desktops, Dell Laptops/Desktop, Asus Laptops/Desktops/Routers, Acer Laptops, Toshiba Laptops, Apple MacBook Laptops/iMac/Mac, Alienware Laptops/PCs, Microsoft Surface Laptops/Tablets, Razer Laptops/Desktops, Samsung Laptops, MSi Laptops and more!
  • Networking - Wifi/Ethernet/Cable/Connection Diagnostics and Repair
  • Repairs: Motherboard Repair, Monitor Repair, LCD/LED/IPS Display Repair, Touch Screen Repair, Hinge Frame Repair, Power Plug/Charging port Repair, Power Supply Board Repair, CPU (Processor) Repair/Reflow, Fan/Cooling System Repair, Keyboard Replacement, Mouse Repair + USB Port/Hub Repair, Webcam Repair, Speakers Repair, Router(s), Printer(s), Disk Repair and more!
    + Video Card / GPU repair and/or reflow (doesn't need replacement parts!)
    + Logic Board Repair Services/Soldering
  • Hardware Upgrades: Hard Drive (HDD) / Solid State Drive (SSD) Upgrade/ Storage Expansion, Memory Chips (RAM) Upgrade, CPU Processor Upgrade, GPU (Graphics Video Card) upgrade, Power Supply, DVD/Blu-Ray Burner Player, PC/Tower Case, Motherboard, Display Monitor and more!
  • OS Setup/Installation and/or Reinstallation, Drivers Installation, Programs Installation, Settings Configuration, as well as Anti-Virus Installation and Repairs: stuck on boot/logo, no OS detected, HDD making clicky sound, reboots randomly, and more!
  • Computer OS Optimization or Hard Drive Optimization
  • Upgrade from Windows 7/8/8.1 to Windows 10, or Switch to Linux OS (like Ubuntu, Fedora, etc.)
  • PC/Laptop Tune up and optimize performance
  • Downgrade from Windows 10 to Windows 7
  • Data Migration: Transfer data or files from one computer/HDD to another, or HDD to SSD Upgrade
  • Windows 10/Chromebook/MacBook macOS Installation/Upgrade/Re-install/Recovery/Repair
  • Windows User Account Password Reset/Recovery/Removal
  • Hardware & Software Cleaninirg or Installation - Detect & Remove Malware, Adware Removal, Spyware Removal, Viruses Cleaning, Bloatware Removal, Trialware Removal, Utilities and Apps/Application Cleaning, "My computer runs too slow!" services, Internet Security Solutions, Fan/Cooling or Case Dust Cleaning + more, and protect for the future!
Service Details, Policies & Rates

Policies: All policies detailed in the general repair service above apply to all computer repairs.

Service Rates: The following price ranges are provided for reference purposes only. Every situation is unique to itself, therefore final costs may vary. We do not charge 'by the hour,' but instead take our time to ensure all work is final and of highest quality, so the following ranges are primarily based on the price of parts and installation costs associated with those parts.

Computer Devices We Repair/Service: Microsoft Windows Desktop, Microsoft Windows Laptop, Microsoft Windows Tablet; Apple Mac, Apple Mac Mini, Apple iMac, Apple MacBook, Apple MacBook Pro; Linux Laptop, Linux Desktop, Linux Machine; Chromebook

Service Parts and Labor
*Some caviates... Prices of parts may change daily, and sometimes dramatically, so the prices below are not set in stone.
Repair Estimates FREE!
Troubleshooting at your location (i.e. house call) $25
Troubleshooting and no problems found in shop $20
Troubleshooting and you choose not to repair $30
Minimum charge on all repairs (unless said otherwise) $20
Desktop Computer - Power Supply replacement/upgrade $30 + parts; Depends on wattage
Desktop Computer - Hard Drive replacement/upgrade $25 + parts; Depends on HDD capacity
Desktop Computer - Motherboard replacement/upgrade $25 + parts
Desktop Computer - Processor replacement/upgrade $20 + parts
Desktop Computer - CD/DVD Burner replacement/repair $30
Desktop Computer - Memory Upgrade $15 + parts
Laptop keyboard replacement $25
Laptop power plug replacement/repair $65 flat rate
Laptop - Memory upgrade $25 - $60
Laptop - Hard-Drive replacement/upgrade $25 + parts; Depends on HDD capacity
Laptop - Screen replacement $45 + cost of the screen
Desktop/Laptop - Hardware Cleanup $25 per machine
Desktop/Laptop - Malicious Software Cleanup (Spyware, Viruses, etc...) $30 per machine
Desktop/Laptop - (Re)-Installation of OS and all necessary drivers $50 per machine
Custom Computer Builds $90 (for assembly, install & update)
+ price of parts/case/accessories/etc.

Item Return: Upon completion of all maintenance, you will be contacted to pick-up your item(s), or to determine a return location. We will attempt to contact you at least twice a week via email and/or telephone for a total of 30 days. If all communication attempts are unsuccessful after this period, we will retain your machine for our use.

Stop By For a Free Diagnosis! 〉〉

Service Area & Info

The Doctor is in, and is servicing the greater Morganton area, including surrounding towns and cities within the 20 miles radius¹:

  • Glen Alpine
  • Lake James
  • Salem
  • Oak Hill
  • Drexel
  • Valdese
  • Connelly
  • Icard
  • Hildebran
  • Hickory
  • Marion
  • Gamewell
  • Lenoir
  • + Map 〉〉

¹Service Area/Location Info:

  • If you reside in our Service Area, we can arrange a house-call or a pick-up at your location (see details below).
  • If you reside at a location outside of our Service Area and you would like to use our services, you may either bring your devices & electronics to our shop, or ship the devices to our location at your own expense.

Service Notes/Details

  • House-Calls & Pick-Ups at your location of choice must be within our servicing area (20 miles radius around Morganton, NC).
  • House-Calls during the week (Monday to Friday) are available after 6pm and before 7:30pm.
  • House-calls & items for pick-up inside the Morganton city-limits are FREE!
  • Please note that there is a $25 fee for house-calls & pick-ups outside of the Morganton city-limits.
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